Veronique (Niki) De Sy

Interdisciplinary researcher of land use dynamics and sustainable development


I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing of Wageningen University.

My specialization is interdisciplinary research on land use change dynamics, climate change mitigation and sustainable development, with an emphasis on spatial analysis & remote sensing technologies. I also like to explore ways to visualise and present scientific data to a wider audience. Check out LUCID - a land use, carbon & emission data portal, and this webstory on restoring forests and landscapes.


  • PhD in Land use & Deforestation Monitoring, 2016
    Wageningen University and Research
  • MSc in Land and Water Management, 2012
    Wageningen University and Research


  • Data visualization
  • Reading
  • Programming

Veronique De Sy

Assistant Professor
Wageningen University and Research

Selected publications

De Sy V, Herold M, Achard F et al.
Environmental Research Letters

This study quantified post-deforestation land use across the tropics for the period 1990–2000. This dataset was then combined with a pan-tropical AGB map at 30 m resolution to refine emission factor from forest conversion by matching deforestation areas with their carbon stock before and after clearing and to assess spatial dynamics by follow-up land use.