Veronique (Niki) De Sy

Interdisciplinary researcher of land use dynamics and sustainable development


I am currently a postdoc at the Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing of Wageningen University, as part of the Global Comparative study on REDD+ of CIFOR. Within this project I lead the component on forest and carbon emissions monitoring.

My specialization is interdisciplinary research on land use change dynamics, climate change mitigation and sustainable development, with an emphasis on spatial analysis & remote sensing technologies. I also like to explore ways to visualise and present scientific data to a wider audience. Check out this story map about the role of forests in feeding the world.


  • PhD in Land use & Deforestation Monitoring, 2016
    Wageningen University and Research
  • MSc in Land and Water Management, 2012
    Wageningen University and Research


  • Data visualization
  • Reading
  • Programming

Veronique De Sy

Postdoctoral researcher
Wageningen University and Research

Selected publications

De Sy V, Herold M, Achard F et al.
Environmental Research Letters

This study quantified post-deforestation land use across the tropics for the period 1990–2000. This dataset was then combined with a pan-tropical AGB map at 30 m resolution to refine emission factor from forest conversion by matching deforestation areas with their carbon stock before and after clearing and to assess spatial dynamics by follow-up land use.