• Remote sensing of land use and carbon losses following tropical deforestation

    De Sy V
    PhD dissertation, Wageningen University

    The need for data on drivers and activities causing forest carbon change have been highlighted as central components in REDD+ readiness efforts. Assessment of direct and indirect drivers on the national level is often lacking or incomplete. This thesis explores the role of remote sensing for monitoring tropical forests for REDD+ in general, and for assessing land use and related carbon emissions linked to drivers of tropical deforestation in particular.

  • An assessment of deforestation and forest degradation drivers in developing countries

    Hosonuma N, Herold M, De Sy V et al.
    Environmental Research Letters

    Countries are encouraged to identify drivers of deforestation and forest degradation (DD) in the development of national strategies and action plans for REDD+. In this letter we provide an assessment of proximate drivers of DD by synthesizing empirical data reported by countries as part of their REDD+ readiness activities and scientific literature.